Sexting: Vermont “Gets It,” Do You? April 16, 2009

Sexting has been hot in the news recently due to some over enthusiastic law enforcement officials arresting teenagers and charging them with violating laws that were designed to protect them.

The Vermont Legislature is the first among the states to do the right thing and update its child pornography laws to bring them in line with the changing technological times.

At the time most child pornography laws were written, no one could have imagined that teens would be using cell phone cameras to take naked pictures of themselves and sending them via text message to friends.

That’s the reason overzealous police were able to charge teen girls with violating laws against distributing child pornography. The laws just weren’t written with that kind of behavior in mind.

The laws were written to protect teens from being exploited. They weren’t written to punish the victimless behavior of the teens, no matter how tasteless and immature it was.

I’ve written about the hypocrisy of charging people with violating the very law that was written to protect them elsewhere in this child injury blog. In this post, I just wish to recognize Vermont as a thought leader and applaud the speed with which the state acted to prevent the stupid, unnecessary and even tragic consequences of punishing these girls as sex offenders.

This post was written by Orlando Child Accident Lawyer on April 16, 2009
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